Merchandise has Fun “Rover Scout” T-Shirts

Have you ever wanted to step out of your section into the exciting world of Rovers? If you are 18-26 years old it is easy. Make contact with a Rover Crew and have a chat. Did you know that Rovering is 100 years old? This section which is a mixture of youthful exuberance, adulthood and service would like you to help them celebrate their centenary.

A very special edition “Rover Scout” T-shirt is available from Merchandising to members of the Scout community. For more information follow the link to the Merchandise website...Click here

  • Fun Rover Section T-ShirtRover Scout T Shirts for sale
  • Fun Sizes, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Fun Printed T-shirt
  • Your chance to be a Wannabe Rover
  • Any member of the Scout CommunityRover Scout 100 years
  • Cubs
  • Joeys
  • Scouts
  • Venturers
  • Leaders
  • Yes, and even Rovers
**  Available through Merchandise website

**  Also available in limited quantities at Kangaree 2018, Lardner Park, Drouin on Saturday March 17th, 2018

**  Show your support for the Rover Section !

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