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Merchandise (Victoria)

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Scouts Victoria Merchandise Shop Logo

What is Merchandising (Vic)

Merchandising is a section of Scouts Victoria which collaborates closely with the Scout Q Store. It originally was created to help in the management, procurement and distribution of merchandise and promotional material for Big Events.It is an entirely voluntary section and is completely separate to Snowgum.

Leader in Charge of Merchandise

Belinda Dowel (Group Leader of 1st Eltham) is the person behind the scenes of Merchandise (Vic).  Belinda has access to an extraordinary catalogue of designs and manufacturers. Existing designs can be reproduced or completely new ideas moulded into memorable collectibles.

Scout Blanket Badges for SaleMelbourneWhat does Merchandising (Vic) do?

There are three main roles:

  • Source competitive prices for badges, scarves and tapes for your group or district
  • Design collaboration for special events and occasions
  • Store and sell event merchandise
  • Special edition clothing or equipment

Where is the Stock stored

A special, secure area forms part of the Scout Q Store at 173-175 Ordish Road, Dandenong South.

Belinda also stores a small amount of stock of regularly sought after items at her home for a faster postal turnaround.

Rover Scout T Shirts for saleWhy consider using Merchandising for your Group, District or Special Event?

  • There are many companies who can produce scarves, badges, flags, jackets, caps, T-shirts etc.
  • For a free quote email your request to  
  • Or visit to see what we have in stock at the moment  

Have another look at the Q Store before you head off to Merchandise…Home

Scout Blanket Badges for SaleMelbourne
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