The Q Store hires out many, many items including light weight hike tents.

Q:        What happens when 100+ very wet tents return from camp?

A:        The Q Store happens

The scenarioDrying Wet tents at the Q Store

  • You’ve had persistent rain and every tent is wet.
  • You’ve left them up as long as possible
  •  A clear sky and a gentle breeze is not coming
  •  The time has come to head home

What do you do next?

  • If you are lucky just the fly and the ground sheet (orange gar-bag opened out) are wet.
  • Invariably though, the tent will get wet just taking it down.
  •  Shake off as much water as you can (without drowning yourself)
  •  And then pack normally, yes that’s right – Pack it Wet

The next bit is really important

  •  Tents grow mildew when they are warm, moist and dark.
  •  Packed up wet in the trailer or the boot of your car is mildew growing heaven

When you get home

  •             Pitch the tent again as soon as possible in a dry ventilated space.
  •             Don’t leave a wet tent packed any longer than 24 hours
  •             If you don’t have an immediate dry option, unpack and  re-pitch in the rain.
  •             Double check that the floor, poles and pegs are also dry.
  •             Re-pack then store the tent when it is completely dry.

Or when you return 100 wet lightweight tents to The Q Store…….Blue Dome City !

Drying wet tents in the Q Store
Wet tents drying out in the Q Store