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Hiking Gear for Hire

Getting into hiking when you have no gear is really tricky. We have packs, sleeping mats, hike tents, portable stoves (trangias) and much, much more. Use the Scout Q Store stuff while you are getting the love of  hiking  established. That way you can slowly grow your equipment  once you are in the groove

Camping Gear for Hire

Don’t just dream of a star-filled sky. Do it. No need to put it off.  Your gear temporarily out of action? Missing the gear that will transform you from roughing it to comfortable, competent camper? Use Scout Q Store equipment  to bridge the gaps in your Q store. We even have cost-competitive gas bottle refills..


Our Big Scout Events

As the event gets bigger, the list of gear required inevitably grows. Experience has expanded our collection to fully floored marquees, stacks of chairs, pallets of tables, more cutlery than you can poke a stick at and enough stainless steel bowls to salad-ify any crowd.Talk to us…we probably have it

Victoria’s #1 Scout Quartermaster’s StoreScout Q Store Victoria

The Scout Q Store in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong South is the largest collection of Scouting equipment under one roof in Victoria, and even perhaps Australia. This modern, well equipped facility accommodates an amazing array of items which are available to the Scouting Community. First-class vehicle access for the loading and unloading of equipment further enhances the Q Store. Plenty of off-street parking as well if you are staying a bit longer.

Meeting Space

Table for 8 in meeting space

Sometimes you need a meeting place, a nice meeting place, for small groups. Maybe for training, maybe for brainstorming, maybe for creativity. The Scout Q Store has such a place – on site at the Scout Q Store. Not in the warehouse area but in the well-appointed, quiet, comfortable offices upstairs. Ideal if you have attendees coming from different directions and are looking for a neutral and central location. More detail is available here

Safety first at the Q Store

The layout and functionality of the facility is proving to be invaluable. Having a large floor area and expansive roof height is essential for the large quantities of single items, and especially important for the airing of the larger canvasses and marquees. All bulky equipment is moved with forklifts. There are safe margins for all activity and all forklift operators are certified. Creating a safe Q store has been a priority from the beginning.

Q Store VolunteersUnloading at Scout Q Store

All staff are volunteers. They work tirelessly preparing, sorting, repairing, stacking, folding, loading the gear that hirers book. Some of the team work full time jobs elsewhere and some do not thus allows for some daytime, evening and weekend access (or by appointment). Mainly drawn from the Scouting community, the team has a wealth of practical, well-honed experience. Whether it be a Patrol hike to Wilson’s Prom, a Group Family Day at Silvan Dam or an Australian Jamboree, members of the Q Store team have first hand know-how. More often than not, the team can be found quietly in the background of most Victorian activities, as required.

Competitive Pricing

Delivery of youth programs by the Scouting Community benefits the entire Community. Developing leadership and management skills in a diverse inclusive organisation like Scouting costs money. In order to encourage the outdoor aspects of Scouting, the Scout Q Store hires equipment at very Competitive Rates.

Friendly Environment

All at the Q Store understand the effort and energy that the parents, leaders and friends of Scouting contribute to youth members and the Victorian community at large. The Q Store exists to support those efforts. If you know what you need for your hike, camp or big event or if you have no idea where to start, the Scout Q Store can probably help. Send an email to get started, or drop in and chat with one of the Friends of Q Store (FOQS)

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