Scout Q Store Supporting delivery of programs for Victorian youth

Frequently asked questions……

What do you have?                   Lots of Techie and Groovy equipment for Camping, Hiking, Big Events and Meeting Spaces

How much do you charge? 

  •    It depends what package we put together for your event or activity
  •    It depends on quantity, duration, delivery

When can I pick it up?              Tuesdays and Saturdays or by arrangement

Where can I pick it up?             The Scout Q Store 175 Ordish Road, Dandenong South…… a “scouting safely” site

Do you deliver?                        By arrangement

Do I need my own trailer?         The Scout Q Store has a range of trailers  for Hire

How can I pay?                          We encourage direct bank transfer

Does equipment come with instructions?      Some equipment is self explanatory, some have instructions

How do I Hire something?      Send an Email Now

How do I join the eclectic Q Store Team?    Email the FOQS 

What equipment do you have?              Hiking Gear        Camping Gear    Catering Gear    Gear for Big Event

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