State Quartermaster Team

Scouts Victoria has a range of specialist, non-youth-specific sections. These sections are staffed with volunteers from within and outside scouting. Some of them will be familiar, others you may never have come in contact with. These autonomous sections now come under the umbrella of “State Quartermaster Team”


 The purpose of the State Quartermaster is quite clear:

“To support youth-section leaders and their Scouting program”

The method we use:

Equipment, Merchandise and Personnel

We use our contacts, developed over many years of holding events around Victoria, to gather resources at the best price to help you run your sections,camps, hikes and other activities.

Resources and Merchandise

The primary location for our Resources and Merchandise is now:  173-175 Ordish Road, Dandenong South

         Hours of Opening

  •                Tuesday evenings:   6.30 – 10.00pm
  •                Saturdays:               9.30 am – 4.30pm
  •                Other times:            By appointment        Best to contact us just in case we are out and about….

         Friends of the Scout Q Store

  •                         Tuesday:       10.00 am – 4.00 pm

This eclectic group of people are a mix of former Scouters, current Scouters and never were Scouters. No age, experience or gender bias. A meritocracy….a what?  Meritocracy….everyone has something to offer. Make a cuppa…pack a crate..fold a tent …photograph entry…answer queries…..brainstorm event youth section leaders …share camping stories (washed away/blown away/starvation/geographically embarassed…..the stories get bigger every year) Only got an hour? That’s OK. All snippets and whisps of your time can make a difference. No need to wait for an invitation….come along…..

Want to be a part of the Scout Q Store (Resources) Team?

Drop us an email via our Team Expression of Interest Page

   Scout Q Store VictoriaTents in Scout Q Store


Police Liaison and Scouters

  • Uniformed and former Police personnel who provide their expertise to Scouting. More information can be found here

Events: S.T.A.G.E

  • Professional and semi-professional audio-visual, theatrical events staff who are also Scouters. Interested? More here

Events: Medical

  • Qualified doctors who step out of their normal clinical roles to care for participants of Big Scout Events. Extra info

Hot Tip…….next time you are at a Big Scout Event…check out what these QM sections do….