Hikers need Hiking Equipment

Victoria is a great state for hiking and walking.  Grampians,  Wilson’s Prom, Alpine, South West Coast… the list is endless. Developing knowledge, skills and stamina in youth members is incredibly worthwhile.

Taking the step from easy day walks to overnight distances requires hikers to be more self sufficient. Food, water, camping gear. Training in first aid and the use of compass and maps.

Scouts Victoria has many experienced hikers who pass on the knowledge to less experienced members. In recognition of the importance of the neeHiking Equipment for Hired for appropriate equipment. The Scout Q Store has recently added new items to their Hiking Inventory.

The Hiking Equipment inventory now includes:

  • Hike Tents – 3 person
  • Ruck Sacks
  • Sleeping Mats
  • Fuel Stoves (Trangias)
  • Fuel Bottles (For methylated spirits)

Come and check out the Gear at The Scout Q Store to see if it will suit your needs…You might just be surprised…….Too far to visit ?  Check out the pictures and Contact Us

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