Victorian Q Store heads off to CanberraCrated gear for hire at the Scout Q Store

The Scout Q Store, in Dandenong South, Victoria, swung into action to support the leaders and Scouts participating in the Governor General Camp. Warehouse spaces were used for packing Unit gear, receiving camp purchases, and crating and loading tonnes of equipment ready for transport to the camp, held in Canberra, in May.

The Governor General Camp

The GG Camp was held on the grounds of the Governor General’s Residence in Canberra. There were many special challenges from go to whoa which will drift into scouting folklore. Tales are being told  and retold by the Scouts and Leaders for a lifetime.

The core of their tale is that the camp was an incredible success and a credit to the ingenuity, perseverance and commitment of the people involved.  Over 600 Victorian Scouts and Leaders joined a further 1400+ from around Australia to be a part of this ground-breaking event.

Equipment and Gear from the Scout Q Store

The GG Camp was squeezed into the already full Victorian Event Calendar. The Scout Q Store was providing gear and equipment for a number of events and requests. For example: Stradbroke Cup, Hoadley Hide, Container Recycle Scheme and was preparing to assist with the STEM Camp at Mafeking as well.  The GG Camp list of gear and equipment  grew, and grew and grew. The question was “will this all this fit together?”

The GG Camp – Q Store Photo Gallery​


Did it all work out in the end?

The GG Camp was a resounding success, as was the STEM Camp at Mafeking. The Scouts and Leaders are all back home continuing with their Scouting adventures. The gear and equipment has returned, been sorted, repaired and stowed ready and waiting for whatever comes next.

What is the Q Store doing next?Green Canvas Shelter and The Q Store Team

We are currently matching  shelters and tents with poles so that they can be made available to Scout Groups in need. These are canvas items that we do not hire, but would love to re-home in new, active and growing Scout Units. Interested in some extra canvas, check out our Facebook?

The Scout Q Store team along with others (quietly in the background) happily support youth programs for youth leadership and development programs.

Would you like to join our team of Volunteers at the Q Store in Dandenong South? Interested in the FoQs?