FoQ’s in temporary hibernation

The Scout Q Store after a sanitized spurt of frenzied activity, has moved into lock down for the next 6 weeks.Friends of the Scout Q Store with donated goods

Due to the latest rules around COVID 19, Scouts Victoria is curtailing its Melbourne metro and Mitchell face to face youth activities. The amazing on-line stuff continues on.

1100 litres of Sanitizer have left the Q Store in the last 5 weeks. Scout groups all over Victoria have had access to reasonably priced sanitizer. Regional Scouting other than those in Mitchell are using the sanitizer for Outdoor Activities and staying safe. If you run out, please contact the QM Trevor Howlett. Pick up, delivery could be tricky, but we can find a way….

Donations to Scouting are welcome

Donations of goods to the Q Store ensures the team always has something to do, even when Big Events are in hibernation. The Friends of the Q Store (FoQs) have been sorting through crates of donated canvas. 15 x 12 auto tents and 30 x 36 and bigger Marquees. What a fabulous donation!  The canvas has been checked, poles and pegs counted and re-packed. All ready and available to sections, groups and districts and state-wide events – once Scouts Victoria emerges once more. There have been other donations too. Interestingly, the end-use for a donation, is not always immediately obvious, like the boxes of small carry bags. Who would have thought that those white carry bags would be invaluable for the distribution of sanitizer recently?

Although the FoQ’s are now in hibernation there is still behind the scenes action. Have you heard? Australian Jamboree 2022 is on it’s way. Between being held in Elmore, Victoria and an expected huge Victorian Contingent, the Q Store is preparing for their part of this and other exciting Big Events