Fence and gate at the Scout Q Store

After many delays over the last 3 years, the Scout Q Store in Dandenong South the  has a new front fence and gate. The security fence upgrade was approved after the metal posts rusted through at ground level and the metal pickets started to detach at the spot welds. The Q Store, now 6 years old, has become busier and busier. Keeping  personnel and property safe, especially after hours.

The Quote process

Specifications were prepared. Upgrading the lock and chain swinging gated to a single automated sliding gate was incorporated. As too was coded keypad access. Consideration was given to the prevailing aesthetic throughout the  Ordish Road industrial estate Three contractors were approached to submit quotes.

Our Construction Photo Gallery

Removal of the old fence, digging the gate trench, digging new post holes, installation of new equipment, provision of power, activation of automated security system.



And finally the New Magic Gate

How good is that!

Thank you to the volunteer parts of the Fence and Gate upgrade.

Thanks to the contractors who did a great job.

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