Next stop Australian Jamboree 2019

The Australian Jamboree being held in Tailem Bend in January 2019 will be a home away from home for 3500 Victorians. 400 leaders packed 200 + wooden crates with the essentials of camp-life last weekend.  Tents, tables, benches, cookers, hot water services, eating shelters, utensils, trek carts, stretchers, pots, pans, sinks, gateways, tools, ground sheets and it is rumoured that there may be extra leaders being smuggled in as well.

Crates were being assembled, troop leaders collecting paperwork and stickers from check-in, unloading trailers ready for the Tetris of Jamboree Scouting. Merchandise were on standby for last minute bag and T-shirt pick ups. The incessant buzz of the fork lifts moving empty and full crates. All the time 8 forty foot containers waiting patiently for their precious cargo. Looking at the volumes unloaded from trailers it was unimaginable that the gear would all fit into the crates – last minute de-assembly was critical – sitting on the crate lids was also employed to ensure that every cubic centimetre of space was used.

Loading Containers and Site Huts

Victorian Contingent is transporting 12 forty foot containers, 6 20 foot containers and 2 site offices to the Jamboree Site. B-doubles and side loaders – always frenetic in the lead up to Christmas finally secured their loads and are headed for South Australia.

Victorians already in Tailem BendVictorian Scout Troop Gear

A dedicated core of 3 volunteers from the Q Store team are already on the ground at the Jamboree Site. They will receive the containers, making sure they are delivered safely  and then  fork lift the wooden Troop Crates as close as possible to the Victorian Troop Sites.  Phew…Scouting co-operation, collaboration and sheer determination at work to get the job done!