Pop Up Tent flat in bag
Pop up tent ready to use
Pop up tent without fly

Item:                Tents from Peter MacCallum, Sydney.

Cost:       $15 per unit    ( $10 will be donated to Peter Mac! )

Units Available:  Lots   (more than 300!!)

Description:       Pop up two person tentdry lightweight pop up tent

  • Dimensions   230cm x 203cm x 109cm
  • Weight  approx1.2kg
  • Instructions  Unfurl the tent, pop in 4 pegs then 4 more for the guy ropes (if you want to) and your tent is ready
  • Storage      Folds up into a circular bag which is 90cm in diameter.

Uses:         Great for that spare tent, emergency situation on a camp, spare tents at a campsite, isolation tent for a sick kid on camp, 4-wheel driving, etc or can be used as a shade shelter at the beach – the tent unclips from the fly as shown.

Available to: Members of the Scouting Community. Other offers

Location:    Scout Q Store

173-179 Ordish Road, Dandenong South…………Open Tuesdays and Saturdays or by arrangement.