Scouts and Gear return from Australian Jamboree 2019AJ2019 Wind heat dust tents and scouts

The Victorian Contingent Scouts and Leaders left the Jamboree site on Sunday January 13th. Dusty, tired, heads filled with stories and ready for home. But as we know the camp isn’t over until the gear is home and the washing done. Eleven shipping containers loaded with 200 tonnes of Camping Gear and dust rolled out the gate on transports on January 15th.

Parents, leaders and scouts ready for unpacking day at Clayton on left the Tailem Bend Australian Jamboree on January 26th. Scout Halls ready for cleaning and sorting. Sounds easy. Until…..

No scout shipping containers

 Phone calls       Emails      Phone calls       Emails 

No shipping containers  !@#$%

At this point the Transport Scouters wish to acknowledge the patience and consideration shown by the Scouters who had been at the Jamboree. The Scouters and Parents whose gear unpacking plans were turned upside down. Thank you.

Scout Q Store swings into Action

Scout Troop Crates at Q Store

some of the 170 crates

Finally, all but one container arrived at the Scout Q Store in Dandenong South. With the Q Store team madly juggling the space, the Q-Store was converted into a “best we can do” Jamboree unpacking venue. Too small to accommodate 11 shipping containers, 2 fork lifts, 164 wooden crates, 200 trailers and 300 adults for a one day unpack, the process was spread across 4 sessions. Lots and lots of co-operation.

At long last we are ready. But wait there is more…38 degrees, dark clouds gather, lightning, pelting rain, no lights or power, broken water pipe, 6 metre water fountain and the Jamboree dust turns to a river of red mud.

Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday sees the last of the Troop Gear packed onto trailers and on its way to Scout Halls for sorting and cleaning. Re-arrangements, high temperatures, cramped spaces, lots of lifting, dirty hands, filthy faces and mallee dust coloured clothes. Done.

The Scout Q Store in Dandenong South was established in 2016. Supporting the Victorian Contingent for the 2019 Australian Jamboree was the Q Store’s largest undertaking so far. Our thanks to all. Learn more about the Q Store team?