Scouts arrive tomorrow – ready or not!

What does Scouting do when times are tough? What does Victorian Scouting do when others are wary of planning ahead? What does Scouting do when kids have been knocked around by a pandemic? VicJam. That’s what they do. A once in a lifetime experience for Scouts from all over Victoria. A story in the making that will be retold for a lifetime.

Setting up for VicJam

VicJam 2021 Logistics Team at Elmore

Photo: T. Howlett

VicJam is a 10 day under canvas event for approximately 3,500 Scouts. After all the meetings, the planning, the ordering, the promotion, the vaccinations, the paperwork, the risk of postponement there comes a time when you just have to get boots on the ground. Semi-trailers loaded and unloaded, forklifts have broken down and run out of gas as have the forklift drivers of the Logistics team. Shipping containers have been stuck on boats in Port Philip Bay.  Unit Leaders have weaved their way through an ever-changing landscape of personnel and gear.

VicJam2021 Setting up

Photo: Gary Brand

Activities are putting together a million last-minute details.  In fact, everybody from catering to medical to water supply for showers are putting it all together.


Keeping a Sense of HumourShane Jacobson at VicJam 2021 29122021

Some teams have been on the VicJam Elmore site for many weeks. A comfortable bed, peace and quiet just a distant memory. Thankfully, just when patience has been stretched one too many times the reinforcement have arrived in the form of international actor and funny man Shane Jacobson. Shane is Victoria’s Chief Scout, former Scout, Gang Show member and lifelong friend of Scouting. His visit to the Big Shed came just in the nick of time to distract from the frazzle of last-minute requests and tasks.

Will everything go smoothly at VicJam?

I reckon we can guarantee that VicJam will not go smoothly. That’s what makes Victorian Scouting big events so fabulous. In spite of talent, experience, planning, preparation, leadership and really wonderful kids, there will be some hiccups, detours and the unexpected. How the leaders and Scouts negotiate the challenges is what makes Scouting and the big events so important. Frustration, blisters and the memory of too many salad rolls will be replaced with pride, resilience, leadership skills and a sense of self-confidence. That’s why Scouting perseveres, against the odds, to hold big events.

VicJam 2021 Elmore Aerial photo

VicJam Elmore 2021 – before the Scouts arrive