Q Store – 3 years on 

“The Scout Q Store exists to support youth-section leaders and their Scouting Program” 

We asked the State Quartermaster for Victoria, Trevor Howlett, to clarify the function, scale and scope of Victoria’s Scout Q Store.

When did the Q Store start?

Q Store warehouse at Dandenong South

Multi purpose, great parking

After 10 years of discussion and deliberation Victorian Branch bought the Dandenong South Factory in 2015. The first of the racking was assembled in January 2016. Throughout 2016, a team of skilled and enthusiastic Scouting volunteers transformed the Ordish Road open and empty expanse into a functional office and warehousing space.

What is the Q Store for?

The Q Store has unearthed forgotten and abandoned equipment from garages and scout halls around Victoria. The gear is under one roof of safe and accessible storage.  The equipment is made available to the Scouting Community to support youth-section leaders and their Scouting Program.          

What is stored in the Q Store?

The core is Camping, Hiking and Event equipment...find out more.  

What else happens at the Q Store?

Versatility is our Mantra. A sponsor wants to donate 5 pallets of Milo – the Q store can manage. 164 Jamboree crates unexpectedly need temporary storage? Ring the Q Store. Scout heritage needs a mite killing freezer? The Q Store might have a source. The Abseiling Tower trailer needs a safe lock-up yard? Major Event merchandise operates from the Q Store. And so it goes on.

Who else is based at the Q Store?

Another separate user is Mens’ Shed Victoria. They use the upstairs office area. This provides a human presence on the property when our volunteers are not on site.

Who can use the Camping, Hiking and Event equipment?Wordcloud of Scout Activities

Anyone in the Scouting Community. Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers. Mobs, Packs, troops, Units, Crews, Groups, Districts, Regions and Victorian Branch

What are the commonest misconceptions about the Q Store?

The Q Store team are volunteer Scouters not paid staff. We are here to help if we can. We are not here to profiteer, but try to remain cost neutral.  The Q Store is for ALL of Scouting not just MAJOR Events.

What if we find equipment we don’t want?

Bring it to the Q Store. Our FoQS (More about Friends of Q Store) will sort, repair and make it available to someone in Scouting who can use it.

How do we find out more?

Come for a visit and look around or send an email and ask…Contact Us.

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