Q Store and COVID-19

Loaded Semi trailer at Scout Q Store After the hurley and burley of Kangaree the Scout Q Store in Dandenong South has entered a strange new stage. A few short weeks ago the Friends of the Q Store were loading a semi trailer for Kangaree. What a great sight as it rolled out the gate! Ian Herron and Peter Bates joined the Joeys and Leaders at Lardner Park, distributing the semi trailer load to catering, activities, sites and services and more. What an amazing couple of days….fabulous…Scouting at its best, supporting experiences for youth members.

Dark Clouds of COVID-193 Men at Scout Q Store

All the time information was emerging of a virus, that would impact all of us. Kangaree was over, the Q Store swung into action. There was a semi-trailer that needed to be unloaded, sorted, checked, and returned to the racks ready for the next Scouting Events. The Friends of the Q Store set to work. How did Scouting ever cope before Forklifts? There were a few unexpected tasks – 1800 plates and bowls to be re-washed, hand-dried, aired and stowed (week old cornflakes – yuck), a gzillion knives, forks and spoons got a similar treatment. A big thank you to the extra Venturers, Rovers and Leaders who lent a hand. Thankfully the labour intensive tasks with people working shoulder to shoulder happened before social distancing became the new normal.

Q Store Status at March 27, 2020

The Q Store always has a jobs list. There is still gazebo canvass to fold, repairs to tables, sourcing equipment for use for upcoming Scouting Events. We are all planning for the best while staying realistic about COVID-19 and its consequences. Trevor Howlett (or Big T as many of you know him) has activated some Rules:

  • Do not casually drop into the Q Store
  • If you are feeling unwell do not come to the Q Store
  • If you have returned from overseas do not come to the Q Store
  • If you have been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 please stay away.
  • If you need to pick up or drop off anything ring or email first ( details below)

Nally Bins at Scout Q StoreContact Details:

Q-Store phone number    03 9768 2609       Someone may be in the office on Tuesdays 10-3, 7-9 and Saturday 10-3

Q-Store email        qm@scoutsvictoria.com.au        Trevor Howlett (State Quartermaster) checks these emails daily


We love you, but please stay away and stay safe