The Merchandising section of the Q Store can arrange badges, scarves, tapes and merchandise, to support your group or district and to help you advertise your event or special occasion – clothing, flags, banners or metal badges. Modern, retro, vintage, cutting edge, caps, jackets, if you can think it, we will try to help you get it.Vintage Scout Blanket Badges for sale

What sort of Scout Badges do we source?

We can design and supply badges and tapes for unit, group and district special events.

What sort of Scout equipment do we source?

What clothing or equipment do you want for your district or event? We are regularly involved with suppliers of gear bags, back-packs, torches, caps, hats and more

What will the collectible scout merchandise be in another 50 years?Scout Q Store Merchandise Badge

Enjoy our small flash-back….. start planning your future……


For a free quote email your request to or visit to see what we have on sale at the moment.

Provided by Belinda Dowel and  fellow volunteers