The Q store has Opus Sports Discs/Marking Cones

Are your games looking tired and very 2017? Do you want to add some pizazz to your games? Do you want to capture the attention of your youth members? The Q store has (courtesy of a contact at Anaconda) 500 boxes of Opus Sports Discs/Marking Cones to give- away to Scout Groups, Cub Packs and Joey Mobs. Picking up a box of Discs from the Q store is a no brainer addition to your Games Store. Consider co-ordinating your Group Council, Seeonee or Mindari for a multi box pick up. Contact Us

  • Each box has a stack of 20 discsOpus discs laid out on grass for Scouts
  • Semi rigid Plastic
  • Four on-trend colours
  • Easy to carry holder
  • Easy set up / pack
  • Free for Scouting Groups, Packs, Troops, Mobs
  • Easy Pick up from the Scout Q Store Dandenong South
  • Opus Discs at the Q StoreDiameter 190mm
  • Maximum height 40mm
  • 20 Discs per box
  • Running lane markingOpus discs available at Q store
  • Beep test marking
  • Balance activities
  • Circuit Training Identification
  • ‘Traffic’ control
  • And much more
Inverted Optus Discs in Rows
Stacked Optus Discs with Packaging
Optus discs laid out on the diagonal

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