Open letter to the Q Store Team

Thanks for all of your hard work and support during 2016.

The year that was…

12 months ago we had taken possession of an empty, dusty warehouse at 173-175 Ordish Road, Dandenong South. The Victorian Contingent was heading to Cataract Park in New South Wales for the 2016 Scout Jamboree. So much going on for all of our dedicated team of volunteers. A small team set about erecting the pallet racking. Gear started to arrive. So much to do, how to do it, no manual to follow. Experience, logic,commonsense, trial and error and some good fortune was coming together to generate the reality. The idea, 10 years in the conceptual phase had arrived.Scout Q Store Blue logo 2016

How far was the gear scattered? Garages, shipping containers, huts at Gilwell, Scout Halls all gave up their wares. Our pick-up team endlessly loaded and unloaded the truck. Trailer loads and the contents of cars added to the volume. Was it usable, was it relevant, was it complete, was it clean, was it just junk? So much to do.

Meanwhile the premises fit out continued. Electrics, plumbing, wall construction, wall destruction and painting. How many new fluorescent tubes does a warehouse need? Attacking a jungle to reveal a garden. Feeding workers on the long days.  All through the superhuman efforts of a group of volunteers!! A wonderful facility is born.

And More..

As the year moved on supporting Scouting through Resources has continued. Providing badges for activities, scarves for groups, selling hiking packs at ridiculously low prices, selling foldaway tents, providing rope to groups, making hiking gear available for hire, having a meeting facility available for groups, developing a website and answering hundreds of email inquiries and telephone calls. Once again, the support group that is The Q Store has had a phenomenal year.

The Tuesday gang (FOQS)

Our Tuesday gang is growing. Do you know any retired people who do nothing all week, well at least are available on Tuesday? The Tuesday gang, also known as the Friends Of Q-Store (affectionately known as the old FOQS) happily welcome newcomers.Please let Ian Herron know. Great comeraderie, networking and  friendship with purpose. There is a constant stream of  tasks – big and small -that keep the place running smoothly! Nothing too heavy. Everything from cleaning to folding to counting to maintaining to building. The FOQS have been learning new skills and using talents they already have.  All focused on supporting youth programs. The FOQS – indispensable.

The Rover Moot

Our final event support project for the year is a great example of the impact  and importance of The Q Store.

4 truckloads and three trailers have headed to Mafeking at Yea with gear including 700 chairs, 140 tables, 300m of temporary fencing (that we own!), 14 pallets of water . Then there was the, catering gear, tents, gazebos, and a whole pile of other gear to make the Moot happen. Thanks to those who helped set it all up.

Our 3 new  clear span Marquees arrived  just in time for the Moot.  A new challenge for us all.  Huge undertaking. Unpacked, sorted, and 2 trucked up to Mafeking. When the rain came the Marquees were sensational. Dry dining beats wet dining any day. A huge asset for the Moot. Once again, all made possible with our Q Store team and fit, strong Rovers. Wow..


And so we move on to whatever comes next……

I hope you have a break sometime soon, a restful holiday if you get one and I wish you and your family a very safe and joyous Christmas holiday (and Hanukkah, etc) and simply grouse 2017!!!

Much thanks to All


Trevor Howlett

State Quarter Master